Friday, September 10, 2010

Keywords .......

It's been another fabulous week with the Logophile keywords- lesbian felching farts, glorious clits, meat curtains, pooning mask and a big fave - ninja boot! (see ninja boots below - look like vagina toes to me but hey - what do i know?)

the incredibly rude logophile the swingers birthday
felching email subscription
why restore foreskin
I Guess She's married ??..check out the ring
the CGI cunt gap index
i guess she's married
art of cunnilingus
Alternative words for penis
whats a good gift for a logophile
rude dr seuss
lesbian felching farts
felching lesbian
felching woman blog
dog cunilingus
profanisaurus wrac
the incredibly rude logophile blogspot the swinger
incredibly rude logophile wooden eye joke
meat curtains
glorious clits
incredibly rude and incredibly fat - that's you
ninja boot
the mangina man

Mangina is still crazily popular - why? I'm not exactly sure as i haven't recovered a year or so later after seeing Joe the Mangina man - pure badness.

Have a fabulous weekend Logophiles :)
xxx mp

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