Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi my name's Monkeypants and i'm a cock addict.

I was pondering cock all weekend and have come to the conclusion that
i definitely have an almost unnatural attraction to the disco sticks.

I love them.

To be fair i don't love teeny weeny little one's but i do love all the others.

They are so clever - small to big, big to small, bursting at the seams,
hungry, their own little homing devices.....

and those sweet, sweet heads -  all big and happy looking - mmmm!

The excitement that wells up in me when i catch a glimpse unexpectedly.
It almost takes my breath away.

In fact, you can pretty much rest assured, that i love your cock more than you do.

Thanks - i feel so much better now i got that off my chest -
it was a bit sticky but it's all better now :)

Have a great week Logophiles -  whether you are appreciating your own beast of love
or somebody else's :)

x mp


Gregoryno6 said...

A lady would be thirsty after all that cock. I'm sure she'd enjoy a Dickens Cider.

Monkeypants said...

Even a small Dickens Cider can reduce stress.....

it's total crusty genius G6!