Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watching P-O-R-N....

So there i was, watching two particularly attractive young ladies pleasuring each other on youp*rn the other day and speaking on the phone about a totally unrelated matter - when i heard myself say " oh, come on, would you just cum already!".

Fortunately, the friend on the other end of the phone was not taken aback as i had explained that i was watching a shared link and even provided a little intermittent running commentary throughout the call.

How To Watch Porn At Work :)

It left me pondering over the weekend about how i now watch p*rn, almost the same way as i watch basketball. I like to see the slam dunk - i like the participants to achieve their end goal - i want winners - i want arse slapping and hi fives for a great effort - i want it all!

So have things now gotten out of control in my life - should i be more respectful of the "act" itself or does such a proliferation of po*n everywhere i turn mean that i now consider it just another innings?

I'm not sure.

Another friend asked me the other day if i thought he was watching too much porn?

How much is too much? Have you turned into a crazed sex maniac? Is there hair on the back of your palms? Have become a sex offender molesting old ladies?

I don't know how much is too much.

Maybe, if watching it causes you to disconnect from real life intimacy - then you've crossed the invisible line. Are you placing unrealistic expectations on yourself or your partner?  Have you forgotten that real women or dudes if that's what you're into, come complete with lumps and bumps and issues and hearts? 

If you have unplugged from the joy of one on one physical contact then maybe it's time to rewind. 

I  watched a ball game the other day and found myself relieved to be yelling out the same sideline comments i always have at the t.v. (or at a live game). My coaching advice is never really taken under consideration but i'm good with that.

So maybe i will work on being more respectful towards p*rn movies. Treat them as the luxury they are. Fortunately i haven't noticed any disconnect in my real life but i'll be watching carefully to make sure it doesn't happen

x mp


Gregoryno6 said...

Were you watching it at work? I'm just thinking that if I told a caller at work that I was watching a prono flik I'd basically be saying "Hey, call my boss and he'll sack me on the spot. I'm sick of this fucking job anyway and can't think of anything that would look better on my CV than a note saying SACKED FROM LAST JOB FOR PRONING ON COMPANY COMPUTER."
But maybe that's just me.

Monkeypants said...

Nah G6 - i am the boss of me so that's safe and i have a no porn rule in our workplace - i was watching it at home while i was working in the office and chatting - you know multi tasking.

I think to tell that to a client may indeed be a poor, long lasting decision. Dependant on what industry you are in of course - i used to dream of being the gal that made up the names for the porn movies - free license to watch your whole work day - they'd
be even more blase than me i think.