Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whoooooaaaa Afternoon Delight.........

You know there is nothing quite as pleasurable as a "nooner". It is such an evolved way to spend your day. You get to look forward to it in the morning, participate in it during the midday, and reminisce about it through the afternoon and evening. You go to sleep smiling.

It's really a complete win/win isnt it?

To engage in coitus during a noon break from work.
He's always pullin' nooners with the new secretary.

Session of sex at lunch time (noon)
I ran home at lunch time for a quick nooner with my boyfriend

Sex in the afternoon.
Joe went home for a nooner.

Sex during the day, especially during the lunch hour. In the US, the lunch hour traditionally starts at noon.
Instead of lunch lets have a nooner.

When two people use their lunch break to sneak off and have sex. Same thing as Study Break during the college years

So on that note, lets hear Ron Burgundy express it in song: Enjoy!


shazza said...

Yes mp, a nooner was once a thing to covet. Nowadays I would much rather leave that sort of shenanagins til the kids are in bed.
My idea of afternoon delight is a few vinos in the sunshine.

monkeypants said...

i'm hearing ya shazza! i gotta say though, having recently revisited the nooner, i was very impressed :)kids away, time to play...