Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Donkey Theme Continues....

With much thanks to my new found friend Skink (from The Worst Of Perth blog) who has held my tiny monkeypaw and walked me over to Roger's Profanisaurus, i am able to share some more donkey references with you.

Not sure why the donkey features so strongly in sexual innuendo and terminology aside from the fact that they have huge penises. Perhaps that is all it is. Which just goes to prove, that size does matter:)

donkey milker (n.) He who likes the milk of the donkey, see wanker.

donkey kisser (n.) female She who does not kiss well; that girl who kisses like a donkey chewing an apple.

donkey rigged (adj.) Possessing a large penis.

BTW, if you google donkey penis images, it brings up lots of photos of the edible delicacy of cooked donkey penis. I can't stomach the pictures but you fill your boots.


skink said...


how did you go with Roger's Hangman?

monkeypants said...

gotta tell you, i kind of suck at hangman, but not being one who gives up easily i shall persist. i'm thinking that like a game of pool, i will be better at it when i have been drinking. will keep you updated. :)

skink said...

evrything is better when one has been drinking

skink said...

your more recent posts do not seem to have a facility for comment

did you shut it down?

monkeypants said...

hi skink, no i havent but will go in now and check it out. thanks for the heads up:)
will let you know when i have fixed it and look forward to your invaluable feedback.

skink said...

no matter

Cristal and Mia Banngg

I'm more of Pol Roger and Stoya sort of person

link for you:


Monkeypants said...

great link thanks skink. i see that stoya has a certain appeal. i would also never say no to a glass of pol roger unless that is another porn star name and not the bubbles i am thinking of. hope your weekend is fun. mp :)

Monkeypants said...

and skink, the comments section is back under screeches. can't get it back for the last few posts but is now on from current. :)