Friday, November 19, 2010

Hear, hear!

I remember a chap on the No. 48 from the City to Morley would often fiddle with himself in the back seat of the bus when it was full of schoolgirls just like myself heading home from an arduous day of scholarly activity.

He always wore a long coat and took great pleasure in exposing himself to my very, very innocent friend Natalie. She always had a range of looks pass across her face from shock to awe to curiosity.

Strange days indeed :)

love you long time,

xxxx mp


Gregoryno6 said...

Well, I'll be a fisted granny.
Last hour of the working day was quiet, only disturbed by myself coughing up a mouthful of amber and spraying it all over the glass wall of the manager's office. Which, thankfully, the manager was not occupying at the time.
Once the glass was wiped clean I sat down to trawl The Daily Shite. Where I found this.
Funny thing is, the one that immediately made me think of you was this.

Monkeypants said...

Bahahahahah - completely understandable my dear friend, completely understandable....

xxx mp