Monday, November 16, 2009

The Ol' Finger Monkey

when i heard the term "finger monkey" i might say it took me to my happy place for a moment or two. i mean to say, "if you have to" and all that.

but alas, this is not digital stimulation of the monkeypants genitals, rather a cutsie pie look at some tiny wheeny monkeys. it's all i can muster up today. 12 hours sleep over four days does not a creative genius make.

i do however have a stock of material from the debauched crowd i gathered with over the weekend -so prepare yourself for the horror to be unleashed. xxxx mp

this video is embedded. if you can't see it click on the link in the email:)


Onanist said...

Those apes may struggle to tear one's face right off!

Monkeypants said...

yep indeed. i wonder how much strength they really have being so small. fascinating i think.