Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monkey Research

Excerpt from Article:

Upon noticing the sexy scent of a female marmoset, a male doesn't pursue her mindlessly, according to a new brain-imaging study. Male marmosets appear to think about--not just react to--what they're getting into, just as people do, the authors suggest.

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Says who exactly? I can count numerous times when there has been a clear lack of thought with regard to sexual encounters amongst myself and others who shall remain nameless. Back in the good old days i recall going home with someone from the Cottesloe Beach Hotel, after a Sunday session because they wore great smelling aftershave (sexy scent) and had a cute face. Not much thought about what i was getting into with that one. I was no island either.

I do not believe that i am a marmoset that's for sure.

excellent video embedded. check the blog to see it:)

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