Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's No Hard Feelings, There's No Feelings At All....

I heard this 80's wonder on the car radio driving back from Sanctuary Cove today. What a great song and particularly the line,"how does it feel to make a grown man wanna die?"

Well, speaking from my experience, it felt like this: "I owed you one, you lying, cheating, scumsucking fucktard." It was good and purging and i think everyone needs to break someone else's heart at least once so they know that it actually feels pretty crappy on both sides. That's all.

video is embedded. visit the blog if you can't see it :)


skink said...

there is, and will only ever be, one Feargal Sharkey song:

Monkeypants said...

Oh yes, i had forgotten about that little number. Outstanding. I still love the whole big band visuals and hair flicking in "you little thief". Look what our man Feargal is doing now though:

Pretty cool.