Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making Love is a Sacred Experience

This is a relaxed video with Osho chatting about the joy of making love slowly and with full awareness.

He discusses how the missionary position is a western invention and traditionally elsewhere, the woman is on top which is much better as she can be more active and achieve greater sensations and o*gasms. It makes plenty of sense to me.

It's a great reminder in this modern age of immediate gratification especially because, and i know this may come as a shock to some of you, porn is not real!!!! How you make love with your partner is and it can be a deal breaker too. I wonder how many of us who have been in long term relationships really take the time to enjoy a long, slow, relaxing love making session instead of just having a quicky to take the edge off? Less t.v. = more lovemaking.

Anyhow, enjoy and i hope you take something away from it that changes your love life for the better.


Onanist said...

Fuck me mp!

I thought I recognised him. This dude set up a camp in W.A. in the 80s via his harpie Ma("tough titties")Sheila.

BTW - I don't disagree with the sentiment.

Happy love making :)

Monkeypants said...

excellent review link thanks! i still respect many of the osho sentiments. not sure what to make of the rest of it. :)