Monday, October 12, 2009

George Loves Me....

I guess i always suspected - and now it's official!

I know this post may not be as popular with my normal porn focused readers, but i found it quite interesting to read about the theories on love. I guess we all experience it.Some dive in and either get dumped or hop out of the pool quick smart after just a few laps. Or, the water feels great, so you just keep swimming and end up becoming part of a synchronised swimming team.

It's all good. It's all real and every single time we experience love on whatever level it happens, we learn a little more about ourselves and our core.

Neale Donald Walsch from "Conversations With God" says a "....relationship affords you to be, Who You Really Are." But he continues on to suggest that, "For most people, love is a response to need fulfillment", so we don't always get to be who we really are. I guess if you look at the suggested styles of love and triangular theory, it makes sense. Apparently love with all of the elements to make it last is quite rare.

So George, if you are reading here again, I will love you forever and whilst i am incredibly attracted to your home on Lake Como, i am also interested in the real, naked you:)

Lee’s 6 Styles of Loving

Three primary styles:

1. Eros – Loving an ideal person
2. Ludos – Love as a game
3. Storge – Love as friendship

Three secondary styles:
1. Mania (Eros + Ludos) – Obsessive love
2. Pragma (Ludos + Storge) – Realistic and practical love
3. Agape (Eros + Storge) – Selfless love

Triangular Theory of Love
Psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed a triangular theory of love that suggests that there are three components of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Different combinations of these three components result in different types of love.

For example, a combination of intimacy and commitment results in compassionate love, while a combination of passion and intimacy leads to passionate love. According to Sternberg, relationships built on two or more elements are more enduring that those based upon a single component.

Sternberg uses the term consummate love to describe a combination of intimacy, passion, and commitment. While this type of love is the strongest and most enduring, Sternberg suggests that this type of love is rare.

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Now as for unrequited love, well that's a whole other story Josh!