Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gerbilling Kits

I was at brunch with a friend (yes, a real one) this morning discussing the retailing potential of felching straws, when he suggested an additional sales opportunity: Gerbilling Kits.

I mean to say, why hasn't it been done before? I googled said Gerbilling Kits and came across a genuine "care for your gerbils" website called eGerbil, but no competition per se.

So we continued brain storming the concept by determining exactly what one might receive in their very own Gerbilling Kit. I have posted a collage below of the result:

I think out of respect for those that have gone before us, it should be called the "Armageddon Gerbilling Kit".

Not sure about the market for such things but i am keen for any feedback you may have!


skink said...

improve your wordpower with Roger's Profanisaurus hangman game:

monkeypants said...

hey skinkinator, thanks for swinging by and deciding to stay. was it my little hairy buddha comment that won you over? did you see my thanks for the link to the viz site on TWOP?

i will test run the hangman game tonite. :)

skink said...

I saw that buddha compliment, thanks

you have a magnificent...hiney