Friday, September 11, 2009

Some atrocious gags i've had in my inbox.....

I am tired of seeing these gags hanging around in my outlook folders so what better place to offload them than right here. Hope you get even a hint of a grin from at least one of them.

1. Are the people at the Cadbury factories who put fudge bars into boxes called Fudge Packers?

2. Do deaf people masturbate using only one hand so they can moan with the other????????
3. An irish farmer has successfuly grown a field full of dildos. now she has problems with squatters.
4. Girl goes into a hardware store to buy a hinge. Man behind the counter says "You wanna screw for that hinge?" she replies " No, but I'll blow ya for a toaster!"
5. What do you call a police women with a shaved fanny.................. cuntstubble!!!!! (definitely not related to this blog i found tonite:
and last but not least by any means:
6. Old lady goes to a dentist; sits down, drops panties, and lifts legs. He says, "I'm not a gynecologist!" She says, "I know, I need my husband's teeth back!"

Happy Friday night!

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